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50,000 people in the U colchicine .S. With cancer tumor, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid hepatitis or arthritis C will be entitled to Medicare drug lottery 50,000 people or 10 percent of the 500,000 people in the U.S with cancers, multiple sclerosis, arthritis rheumatoid or hepatitis C can be eligible for a Medicare medication lottery for coverage of life saving drugs. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions is usually using the lottery procedure to choose these patients to receive the drug coverage greater than a calendar year before it becomes available to all Medicare beneficiaries in January, 2006.

Povidone iodine is smart to have on hand, but you’ll also wish to augment that with medical-grade germicides . This is especially valuable in an infectious disease outbreak – – a scenario that seems more and more likely due to deadly superbugs running crazy across U.S. Hospitals . 5) Self defense items. Philosophies vary on this from region to region and town to city. In a country setting, a protective firearm is absolutely essential. In a town environment, such items might not be legal to possess, so be sure you adhere to local laws. At the very least, have some type of system for self defense, even if it’s nothing more than bear spray to dissuade would-become burglars.