1 The retractions came only weeks after BioMed Central.

There are many lessons to be learned from these instances of peer-reviewer and peer-review fraud. One is that the electronic manuscript-handling systems that most journals use are as vulnerable to exploitation and hacking as various other data systems. Moon and Chen, for instance, both abused an attribute of ScholarOne: the e-mail messages sent to scholars inviting them to review a manuscript include log-in information, and whoever receives those messages can sign into the system. Most other electronic manuscript submission systems possess similar loopholes that may easily be hacked. The most crucial lesson is that incentives work. This pressure exists almost but is particularly intense in China everywhere.Disposing medicine in both a timely and safe style may save lives. Michael J. Gaunt, PharmD, previously wrote about the risks of leaving unused medicine around children, noting, child-resistant will not mean childproof. Proper medication disposal is also essential for keeping drugs out of normal water and the environment. The SMARxT Disposal campaign led by the American Pharmacists Association, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Producers of America, and US Seafood and Wildlife Service recommends that patients crush solid medications or dissolve them in drinking water and combine with kitty litter or sawdust , place in a sealed plastic material bagbeforetossing in the trash then simply.

AIDS Breakthroughs: Big Benefits in HIV Fight It was a big month in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS, with main AIDS breakthrough announcements approaching almost weekly.