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The prospective lesion was successfully crossed using MAI in 28 of 31 lesions, a 90 % success rate, Atmakuri said. Two lesions were successfully crossed with the cable, but the balloon cannot cross the lesion, resulting in a success rate of 84 %. Kleiman stated the magnetic navigation program has the potential to permit coronary interventions to be achieved more quickly than conventional guide wire techniques. Its major advantage is the capability to treat tortuous vessels. He stated there exists a steep learning curve, however the intervention will become easier to use with experience and upgraded software. Co-authors are cardiology fellow Eli I. Lev, M.D., and Albert E. Raizner, M.D., director of The Methodist DeBakey Heart Center..‘Obstetricians currently function hard to keep carefully the fetus in the womb until week 35, when possible, but it still is only a relative increase, not an immutable fact.’.

Abaxis releases new Piccolo reagent disc panel Abaxis, Inc. Due to this new panel configuration, U.S. Healthcare specialists can now conduct on-site chemistry evaluation in less than 12 mins for general inflammation and infection in combination with comprehensive liver and kidney function diagnostics. The brand new BioChemistry Panel Plus contains the C-Reactive Proteins assay that received 510 clearance in late January 2010.