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AGA's annual technology summit, which acts to identify unmet needs in gastroenterology, highlight promising new technology, and deliver vital information on what it takes to obtain approval, adoption, coverage and reimbursement in today's health-care and attention environment. The 2014 summit shall happen March 20 and 21, 2014, in San Francisco, CA. AGA Research Basis's Corporate Roundtable, which engages clinical and corporate GI leaders in discussions regarding scientific advancements, policy, legislation and other opportunities and conditions that impact the science and practice of gastroenterology and hepatology.Horses venturing overseas to race are not new – Phar Lap undertook an ill-fated journey to compete in the United States in the 1930s. The transportation of thoroughbreds for breeding and racing is a worldwide industry Today. Each full calendar year horses get to Melbourne for the springtime carnival. In recent times the Australian horses Choisir, Takeover Focus on, Miss Andretti, Bentley Magnus and Biscuit possess competed at Royal Ascot in England. Globalisation also contains exporting horses for racing to locations such as Hong Kong, where there is no breeding industry, sending Australian stallions for the northern hemisphere breeding season overseas, and attracting well-heeled buyers from places such as South Africa, South Korea and Japan to main thoroughbred auctions in Australia.