According to a Cancer Research UK survey out.

97 per cent unaware of the hyperlink between cancer and weight Ninety-seven per cent of individuals don’t list carrying excess fat mainly because a cancer risk, according to a Cancer Research UK survey out. After smoking, carrying excess fat or obese is one of the biggest cancer risks eriacta 100 side effects . But in a survey of 4 nearly,000 people, just three percent mentioned keeping a healthy bodyweight as something people could perform to reduce their threat of cancer. And seven per cent of those surveyed failed to name a single positive change people will make to help to avoid the disease. Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK, said: ‘Encouraging visitors to transformation their behaviour is often difficult, but the first step is to build awareness these changes are well worth making.

Our preliminary outcomes support the hypothesis that stimulation that improves memory also induces theta-phase resetting and offer evidence supporting a feasible mechanism for stimulation-induced memory enhancement in humans.. Nanthia Suthana, Ph.D., Zulfi Haneef, M.D., John Stern, M.D., Roy Mukamel, Ph.D., Eric Behnke, B.S., Barbara Knowlton, Ph.D., and Itzhak Fried, M.D., Ph.D.: Memory Deep-Brain and Improvement Stimulation of the Entorhinal Area Loss of the ability to remember is one of the most dreaded afflictions of the human condition. Decades of research and clinical observations established that declarative memory, the capability to remember experienced information and events, depends upon the hippocampus and connected structures in the medial temporal lobe, including the entorhinal, perirhinal, and parahippocampal cortexes.2-5 The type of the stimulation-induced modification of the neural circuit that results in improvement in patients with these disorders is not completely understood.