Actress invites open public to vote for tasks that boost AF-related stroke awareness Today.

Key survey results include: AF includes a negative effect on the lives of individuals with this problem While physicians know about the risk of AF-related stroke, not absolutely all people with AF grasp their risk There exists a need to provide more information about the chance of AF-related stroke and to utilise new channels for communication to reach people with AF As time passes and with an increase of information, people who have AF feel less worried and even more in charge of how they manage preventing stroke For more information, visit AF-related strokes are debilitating with an increased threat of death, but most of all, in many cases they may be prevented, said Professor Ariel Cohen, Sainte-Antoine Hospital, Paris.It uses sound well-developed economic models, which illustrate most effectively how great an impact raising taxes can possess in reducing the demand for tobacco, and the clear and significant benefits for both public health and public finances. Sarah Woolnough, head of policy at Malignancy Research UK, said: A thorough technique to help smokers give up also to discourage people from starting to smoke in the first place is key. Keeping the price of tobacco high is definitely vital that you make smoking less attractive, among younger smokers particularly, so the Treasury is hoped by us provide this proposal serious factor.