After listeria outbreak.

After listeria outbreak, Blue Bell ice cream is back BRENHAM, Texas – – Blue Bell Creameries offers resumed ice cream shipments four a few months after listeria contamination halted sales and production . The Brenham, Texas-based business on Tuesday utilized Twitter and Facebook to announce its trucks are on the road again and filled up with ice cream. The messages did not state when and where Blue Bell items would be sold. Our trucks are on the highway again.

‘We found that earlier onset of menarche can be associated with overall adiposity, whereas parity and menopausal age were not connected with adiposity measures. Post-menopausal females had higher levels of overall adiposity also, though this appeared to be mostly due to age and not menopausal status. ‘ The analysis featured 1,638 females who participated in the Framingham Center Research between 2002 and 2005. These participants had been aged 40 or older, weighed significantly less than 160 kg and not pregnant. Study participants underwent a physical test along with laboratory analyses to measure visceral adiposity and subcutaneous adiposity .