AHRQ study shows 19 million U.

AHRQ study shows 19 million U.S. Adults received diabetes treatment in 2007 Approximately 19 million U.S. Adults reported getting treatment for diabetes in 2007, a lot more than double the 9 million who said they received treatment in 1996, according to the latest Numbers and Information from the Agency for Healthcare Study and Quality.3 million to 8 million; for folks age 45 to 64, the increase was 3.6 million to 8.9 million; and for 18 to 44 year-olds, the boost went from 1.2 million to 2.4 million.5 billion in 1996 to $41 billion in 2007. Per patient, the cost of prescription medicines a lot more than doubled, increasing from $495 in 1996 to $1,048 a complete year in 2007.In response to the rising costs of meals, restaurants’ primary focus in to the new year is to improve ‘value pricing’ options for customers, based on the NRN report. Restaurants will also work to improve food quality, use more regional and seasonal food items, obtain lower-cost foods, and add spice to their dishes with an increase of flavor.

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