All GMO approvals in Brazil are illegal.

In every case, he insists, GMOs have been approved to serve corporate passions illegitimately. ‘Fundamentally, it must be said that non-e of the cases up to now accepted by CTNBio incorporates research needed by the legal norms,’ adds Melgarejo. ‘Long-term impacts are not evaluated. All exams submitted for evaluation to CTNBio examine short-term reactions. The longest is usually 90 days – – not really allowing the identification of cumulative damage.’ Besides this, industry-backed testing routinely test the consequences of grains and various other GM materials that do not include pesticide and herbicide residues, despite the known fact that these same components would contain such residues in a real-world environment.However, there are a few reasons highlighted below for abortion: Birth control pills: All women take contraceptives to avoid being pregnant and occasionally the contraceptive pills turn out to be ineffective and it could result in unwanted pregnancy. Thus, the decision is taken by a woman to undergo abortion. However, do remember that you or your partner should use contraceptive methods if you do not want a child always. Medical issues: There may be various medical problems that may involve a greater risk to woman’s health. Continuing with the pregnancy in severe medical or mental illness may harm the women’s health or it could be life threatening at times for the women and kid both.