An estimated 868 million are undernourished.

Case studies include a task in India which promotes nutritious native millets, efforts to identify and develop wealthy indigenous fruit and veggies trees in sub-Saharan Africa nutritionally, and a UK-based community group's urban gardening approach. The Head of the Plant and AgriBiosciences Centre at NUI Galway, Professor Charles Spillane highlighted that: ‘This book makes a valuable and timely contribution to efforts to improve public health through dietary and nutritional interventions. As all of the foods that people eat are either straight or indirectly derived from plants, the health status of millions of people in both created and developing countries could be improved through improved access to a wider diversity of healthy plant-based foods.Allscripts can help us deliver on our promise of quality healthcare by creating a comprehensive and integrated care management program with seamless communication between utilization review, case administration and discharge preparing.’ Allscripts streamlines the utilization management process by electronically capturing critical patient data and guiding case managers in securing authorization and payment of care from insurers. The perfect solution is also creates an effective denial management system to track state denials and improve an organization’s success rate with appeals. Allscripts automates the referral of discharged sufferers to post-acute facilities also, eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of case managers manually phoning and faxing to protected post-acute care services, one provider at the same time.