And among Americans age 65 and older.

A few of the biggest contributors were car seats , baby strollers , high chairs , and cribs . Completely of the injuries affected children age groups 0-4 Nearly, and in the ones that were hospitalized, skull fractures and hematomas were the most common injuries. Among people ages 55 and older, 129,015 were treated for mind injuries related to flooring. And for the reason that same age group demographic, there have been 22,347 head accidents attributed to wheelchairs and 16,075 related to canes, crutches, and walkers.Many visitors will be amazed by Nundy’s emphasis on adult vaccines, a little-known but effective avoidance tool. Vaccines aren’t just for children anymore, he said, but due to lack of awareness, only one in three adults who should get a flu vaccine each complete year does so, one in four gets the pneumococcal vaccine to avoid pneumonia, and one in 50 gets the vaccine to avoid shingles. Rather, one in three Us citizens gets shingles. Some widely promoted health measures, however, don’t make the list. Despite nationwide campaigns for prostate malignancy screening, the benefits remain uncertain, therefore no suggestion. Nor do vitamin supplements help those who consume a healthy diet. They aren’t inexpensive, Nundy said. They aren’t included in insurance. It’s just a supplementary tablet. What he does suggest is an annual visit to the doctor, ideally while healthy.