Bart Ferwerda.

Bart Ferwerda, Ph .D., Gerben Ferwerda, Ph.D., M.D., Theo S. Plantinga, M.S., Janet A. Willment, Ph.D., Annemiek B. Van Spriel, Ph.D., Hanka Venselaar, M.S., Clara C. Elbers, Ph.D., Melissa D. Johnson, Ph.D., M.D., Alessandra Cambi, Ph.D., Cristal Huysamen, Ph.D., Liesbeth Jacobs, B.S., Trees Jansen, B.S., Karlijn Verheijen, B.S., Laury Masthoff, M.D., Servaas A.D., Gert Vriend, Ph.D., David L. Williams, Ph.D., M.D., John R. Ideal, Ph.D., M.D., Leo A.B. Joosten, Ph.D., Cisca Wijmenga, Ph.D., Jos W.M. Van der Meer, Ph.D., M.D., Gosse J. Adema, Ph.D., Bart Jan Kullberg, Ph.D., M.D., Gordon D. Dark brown, Ph.D., and Mihai G.

Patients were randomly assigned to receive one of four oral once-daily regimens: 600 mg of efavirenz or 300 mg of atazanavir plus 100 mg of ritonavir provided with either 600 mg of abacavir plus 300 mg of lamivudine or 300 mg of tenofovir DF plus 200 mg of emtricitabine . The study was double-blinded with regard to the NRTIs. <100,000 copies per milliliter), with the use of a permuted-block design with dynamic balancing based on the primary institution. Screening of HIV-1 RNA levels was performed at any laboratory authorized beneath the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments.