But in a series of three new analysis briefs.

But in a series of three new analysis briefs, the association's Health Policy Assets Center also reports that state governments have the ability to pick up where the ACA still left off, by using critical policy levers at their disposal. Marko Vujicic , managing vice president of the HPRC and co-author of the briefs Click to read more . ‘This is especially true for adults, who have experienced greater monetary barriers to dental hygiene in recent years. Unfortunately, the ACA will little to break down financial and other crucial barriers to dental care, and states will have to pick up the slack if we're likely to address the oral health issues facing America.’ Based on the HPRC reports, beneath the ACA about 8.7 million children are expected to gain some form of teeth benefit from the scheduled system, which will reduce by approximately 55 % the amount of children without dental care benefits.