CBS TODAY Healthwatch CDC director on risk of a potential U.

Airline discloses flights Ebola patient traveled on The first reported case of Ebola in the United States is spooking airline investors and raising the chance that some frightened travelers might stay home despite repeated reassurances from public-health experts. CBS TODAY Healthwatch CDC director on risk of a potential U .S. Outbreak Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, foretells the CBS TODAY co-hosts about the dangers and reality.

Beijing making use of ‘chemtrails’ to create artificial rain in effort to cut pollution Since federal government crackdowns on excessive factory pollution and moderate restrictions on fossil fuel creation have done little to address the problem, some entrepreneurs and researchers have proposed even more novel mitigatory solutions. Among these involves setting up copper wires underground to magnetically get air pollution, while a nearby city has suggested digging huge ditches in mountainsides to capture pockets of pollution. Already in play are futuristic weather-modification techniques that China at large is already using to handle drought conditions.