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Modern Health care: AHRQ Releases Stats On State Of Primary-Care Workforce Despite serving as the ‘foundational element’ of the U.S. Healthcare system, the country’s primary-treatment network is experiencing ‘diminishing financial margins, and raising workforce attrition compounded by diminishing recruitment of fresh physicians, nurses and physician assistants into primary care,’ based on the U.S. Company for Healthcare Quality and Research. AHRQ’s Center for Main Care, Avoidance and Clinical Partnership will become issuing a ‘Details and Stats Series’ on primary-care topics made to inform healthcare plan and decisionmakers on major care’s workforce, capability and development needs .Safety Assessments Of the 109 individuals, 21 had grade three or four 4 neutropenia through the first 6 weeks of open-label valganciclovir therapy. From week 6 through month 6, a total of 10 of the 47 participants who received the active drug had grade 3 or 4 4 neutropenia, as compared with 13 of 49 who received placebo . A total of 3 individuals had the drug temporarily suspended due to a complete neutrophil count of significantly less than 500 per cubic millimeter.