Concussion Recovery COULD BE Delayed in Older Adults: TUESDAY.

Concussion Recovery COULD BE Delayed in Older Adults: – TUESDAY, Oct. 6, 2015 – – Older adults recover more slowly from concussion than young patients, a small new study finds. ‘Later years has been recognized as an independent predictor of worse outcome from concussion, but most previous research were performed on younger adults,’ said lead writer Dr . David Yen-Ting Chen, a radiologist at Shuang-Ho Medical center in New Taipei Town, Taiwan. This scholarly study – – published online Oct. 6 in the journal Radiology – – included 13 old adults, aged 51 to 68, and 13 young adults, aged 21 to 30.

Weight-loss surgery helps those who are morbidly obese lose weight. About 6 % of Americans are obese morbidly, the scholarly research authors said, which is defined as a body mass index that’s 40 or more or a BMI higher than 35 if it’s accompanied with a significant health problem associated with obesity. Those who are obese often have problems with mental health issues morbidly, and previous research have suggested that applicants for weight-loss surgery have a suicide risk that’s four times greater than that of the overall population, according to the researchers.