Creating the Roadmap for Personalized HEALTHCARE.

2010 Summit to focus on developing roadmap for personalized health care The Discussion board on Personalized Health Care today announced its third annual National Summit on Personalized Health Care, ‘Creating the Roadmap for Personalized HEALTHCARE.’ The 2010 Summit will give participants the singular opportunity to collaborate in creating a core short – and long-range roadmap to align, coordinate and accelerate delivery of personalized health care technologies and practices . The function will be kept October 3-5, 2010 at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah. THE 3RD Annual Summit, hosted by Utah Governor Gary Herbert, will feature presentations, roundtables, and keynote addresses from healthcare luminaries in industry, government and higher education.

Ludwig, who was not commenting on this particular case, raised the issue in a commentary published last July in the Journal of the American Medical Association, CBS News reported. While these kids is probably not in imminent danger, Ludwig said, children with obesity-related circumstances like diabetes, breathing problems, and liver complications could die by age group 30 if no actions is taken. Ludwig’s paper set off a mass media firestorm, forcing him to guard his paper. ‘It’s unquestionably understandable that if someone with an obese child heard the federal government could swoop in and take that child away, end up being frightened and outraged,’ Ludwig said.