Dentists Drill Individuals for Drug Abuse Information: TUESDAY.

Dentists Drill Individuals for Drug Abuse Information: – TUESDAY, Sept. 1, 2015 – – Avoid being surprised if your next dental checkup contains questions about illicit drug use. A fresh survey has discovered that more than three from every four U .S. Dentists talk to their patients about illegal drug make use of. The poll also discovered that over fifty % of dentists believe they should conduct drug screening of new patients. A lot more than 1,200 dentists nationwide responded to the survey. The researchers found that dentists who believed it was their role to conduct such screenings were much more likely to do so than dentists who didn’t think it had been their responsibility. Why should dentists carry out these screenings? One reason is that illegal drug use could cause significant dental problems, such as for example tooth decay, accelerated tooth wear, gum disease and tooth reduction, the researchers noted.

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