Drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc.

Until now, its drugs have already been mainly sold in rich countries, and profits from the new offer are expected to become a tiny fraction of those Gilead gets from the West. AIDS individuals in poor countries routinely have to wait for a long time until drug patents expire before they are able to obtain cheaper generic versions. But some experts questioned if the deal went significantly enough and described it specifically excludes producers in Thailand and Brazil, which both produce large amounts of generic drugs.The International AIDS Society, which organizes the conference, reports that a number of delegates had been among victims of the tragedy but has not released any names. A declaration released by the culture said it is working with authorities to clarify the way the reduction impacts the conference. The combined group was thought to have included many prominent AIDS researchers, including Joep Lange, 60 and a world-famous Dutch scientific researcher and previous president of the society. Lange also founded PharmAccess Foundation, a nonprofit to boost access to medications for HIV/Helps. His partner, Jacqueline van Tongeren, who was simply a board person in ArtAids, was also believed to have been onboard the plane.