He sailed through his confirmation hearing last week for the positioning of Agriculture Secretary.

Secretary of Agriculture. The confirmation process that Vilsack and his additional cabinet peers have lately gone through is fairly simple. After being announced, the nominee goes through a committee hearing then. That’s where Senate committees keep sessions to issue the nominee to determine the merits of the candidate. Then the committee votes to confirm or deny the nominee. If this task is passed by the nominee the next thing is a vote by the entire Senate.Nearly 90 % of voting-age Us citizens believes Medicare should have the power to discount for lower medication prices. The American people deserve and have to know where their Senators stand upon this widely supported issue, said AARP CEO Bill Novelli. Following may be the text message of the letter delivered by Novelli to Congress: April 13, 2007 Dear Senator: With respect to AARP’s over 38 million members, we desire you to aid S. 3, the Medicare Fair Prescription Drug Price Take action of 2007. This legislation will build upon the strong basis of the Medicare prescription drug law by allowing the Secretary of HHS to negotiate for lower prescription medication prices with respect to Medicare beneficiaries, increasing transparency, and encouraging greater use of evidence based medication.