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April and Bryan Gionfriddo thought their child's chance of survival was slim until Marc Nelson, a doctor at Akron Children's Medical center in Ohio, mentioned researchers from the University of Michigan were testing airway splints similar to those found in Wheeler's study. After obtaining emergency clearance from the Medication and Food Administration, Hollister and Green utilized computer-guided lasers to printing, stack, and fuse thin layers of plastic to create up Kaiba's splint. The splint was sewn around Kaiba's airway to expand his collapsed bronchus and offer support for tissue growth. A slit in the side of the splint allows it to increase as Kaiba's airway grows. In around three years, after Kaiba's trachea offers reconstructed itself, his body can reabsorb the splint while the PCL degrades.AMIA members wish to see systematic examining and evaluation that demonstrates accomplishment of meaningful use, interoperable health systems, and attainment of the desired results on improved quality of treatment. ‘Showing that a consumer can record, change, and retrieve a single piece of information,’ said Dr. Shortliffe, ‘is quite different from demonstrating that the EHR completely supports the user in applying that info in a manner that meaningfully impacts the delivery and quality of treatment.’ AMIA provided a true quantity of answers to specific questions about EHRs posed in the solicitation for remarks, and stated its choice that meaningful use requirements specific to analyze should also be included in Stage 2, along with criteria specific to clinical treatment.