I only make use of shampoo every full day time.

However, I only make use of shampoo every full day time. I have my locks wet and condition every day, but I really do not shampoo each time. I have what’s referred to as a hairdresser long curly hair perfectly , so I’m just a little scared of dry hair shampoo. Therefore, this method works for my curly hair. Step 2 2 : Add oil moisturizer To add a little shine and help to keep frizz away I began using this renewal Curly Hair Argan oil. I put on a lot size of dime in the palm of my hands and run through the ends of my wet frizzy hair after I comb .AIT, BioVendor and SCIENION partner to build up in-vitro diagnostic test for colon cancer The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, BioVendor and SCIENION today announced that the three companies will partner on the advancement of an in-vitro diagnostic test for cancer of the colon. The innovative test kit will identify cancer at an early on stage based on tumor autoantibody biomarkers. Colon cancer is among the most common cancers being the second most common reason behind cancer in women and the 3rd most common in men. At the same time colon cancer is the fourth common cause of cancer related death. Early detection of the disease increases both therapeutic achievement and the chance of survival.