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Related StoriesCharles Bonnet syndrome: an interview with Dr. Dominic ffytcheInner ear harm brain warnings from nerve cellsNew check with the capacity of detecting all viruses that have an effect on people and animals’This collaboration is certainly near and dear to my heart as CTE was determined in Tom McHale, a pal and former high school and university teammate who passed away at the age of 45 last year,’ mentioned Aethlon CEO and Chairman, Jim Joyce. ‘Additionally, we’ve the opportunity to showcase that the scientific advancements underlying our infectious disease and malignancy treatment devices supply the basis for new products to discover the current presence of biomarkers associated with various medical ailments,’ concluded Joyce.Founder-entrepreneurs Fabio Fioravanti and Gaspar DeViedma will stay with the ongoing business as Handling Directors of Research, Development & Global and Functions Commercialization, respectively. R&D and operations for IV automation items will continue to be headquartered in Italy. We are excited about the opportunities for our combined agencies to work together to progress IV automation, along with the broader portfolio of pharmacy automation, to improve medication safety, optimize productivity and keep your charges down for our clients, said Gaspar DeViedma.