It takes more commitment to pack healthy lunches that your son or daughter will love.

Produce homemade dressings, and rotate the veggies and toppings for variety. 10. Homemade chips could be made from zucchini, corn tortillas or kale even. Toss in some fresh new guacamole or salsa for dipping corn chips. For variety, miss the toss and chips in a few homemade popcorn, instead. 11. Yogurt – Buy plain, unsweetened yogurt and flavor your very own with a puree of raw honey and fruit. For fun, send along a pouch of ‘mix-ins,’ like homemade granola or fresh berries, for the youngsters to add themselves. 12. Leftover dinner – Make extra servings at dinnertime, and send leftovers for lunch in a thermos.A.P. Pharma’s lead product candidate, APF530, is being developed for preventing both severe and delayed starting point chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting . APF530 provides the 5-HT3 antagonist, granisetron, developed inside our proprietary Biochronomer drug delivery system, that allows therapeutic drug amounts to be preserved for five days with a single subcutaneous injection. Shots and oral tablets comprising granisetron are accepted for the prevention of acute onset CINV, however, not for delayed starting point CINV. Granisetron was selected because it is broadly prescribed by physicians predicated on a well-established record of basic safety and efficacy.