PRESS RELEASE DUBLIN, Sept. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – – Allergan plc, , a leading global pharmaceutical firm, today announced a nationwide partnership with the Caregiver Actions Network , the nation's leading family caregiver organization, to provide thank you foods to 1 1,000 family caregivers across the national country through a fresh initiative called Take 1 Moment. Family caregiving is an enormous and growing issue in our country. Last year caregivers provided an estimated 17.9 billion hours of unpaid care, a contribution to the nation valued at $217.7 billion. On World Alzheimer's Day, we are extending our dedication to be there for families and family members living day-to-time with Alzheimer’s through initiatives like Take 1 Second, said Gavin Corcoran, MD, Chief Medical Officer.>0.22) for the trial phase and the cohort phase . At baseline in the trial phase, 1 / 3 of the sufferers had proteinuria approximately. Among all individuals and within the two strata for the protein-to-creatinine ratio, baseline characteristics were similar in the two blood-pressure groups, with the exception of current smoking, that was more prevalent in the intensive-control group. Among sufferers with proteinuria, the median protein-to-creatinine ratio was slightly higher in the standard-control group than in the intensive-control group. The primary end result occurred in 328 individuals during the trial stage and in 239 individuals during the cohort phase. Blood-Pressure Levels and Hypertension Control Figure 1Figure 1Blood-Pressure Levels in Sufferers with Chronic Kidney Disease.