Project Details

Laetitia property owners have worked for nearly ten years to create a plan that protects the character of the land. They are committed to a plan that delivers three community benefits: preservation of open space and agricultural land, continuation of Laetitia Winery’s vineyard and winery operations, and the creation of a tasteful enclave of rural living enthusiasts who add to local economic vitality.

Conservation & Thoughtful Planning

Rather than proceeding with the piecemeal ranchette style development currently allowed on the property, the Reserve at Laetitia proposes to create a total of 101 new home sites built in small clusters nestled on the land. By clustering in carefully planned pocket areas, the innovative plan will keep vast expanses of land in permanent open space and/or agricultural uses. Laetitia owners will execute permanent ag/open space agreements over 1414 acres of beautiful open hills. The Laetitia family is considering the dedication of an additional 388 acres to a qualified non profit organization to hold in permanent open space. This would increase the permanent open space to 1802 acres.

The clusters will shape an elegant, contemporary approach to residential living in a rural setting. Parcels  will be a minimum of one acre in size and development will follow strict regulations on landscaping and water use. The development is proposed to unfold in three phases over approximately ten to twenty years.

In addition to homes, The Reserve at Laetitia anticipates a future 7.7-acre dude ranch on the interior of the property. The small spa-style resort, patterned after the renowned San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, will be subject to a separate application and project review before it can proceed. The 75-room resort is not included in the current Reserve at Laetitia land use application; however, because it is being considered for future implementation, it was reviewed in the project environmental impact report (EIR).

Project Benefits

The project offers more than open space preservation and home sites. It also delivers significant economic benefits to the Arroyo Grande Valley, creates a powerful “brand ambassador” effect on area wine tourism and includes roadway work that will improve current area conditions.

The preservation of agricultural open space will support the continued operation of Laetitia Vineyard and Winery. Neighbors will enjoy the benefit of a second emergency access route through the Reserve. In case of earthquake, wildfire or other evacuation emergency, the Reserve at Laetitia’s gates will open to Upper Los Berros neighbors for a secondary escape route that does not currently exist.

Most importantly, The Reserve at Laetitia offers long-term preservation of Nipomo’s prized rural lifestyle.

A Word About Tourism

The Reserve at Laetitia will attract wine lovers who value rural living alongside vineyard operations.  As local wine ambassadors, The Reserve at Laetitia residents will help promote the Central Coast wine industry and will have a positive effect on tourism.  With Laetitia winery’s Pinot Noir receiving world class honors in recent years, Laetitia creates a strong tourist attraction for area visitors. The combination of wine, the charming Village of  Arroyo Grande, nearby beach areas and other amenities work together to promote the area and foster robust tourism business. Recognized as the gateway to the Arroyo Grande Valley, Laetitia Winery, and now the Reserve at Laetitia, will together create a powerful entry to this alluring area.


The Reserve at Laetitia reflects the family-owned operation’s commitment to environmental protection.  Sustainability carries into every aspect of the plan, beginning with the preservation of 92.4% of the land and continuing to the herd of goats that helps manage weeds on the property.

Laetitia Vineyard was one of the first wineries on the Central Coast to win SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certification, a recognition that requires performance across ten demanding criteria that include water and energy conservation, soils management and air quality protection.  At Laetitia, practices like re-using compost, reclaiming water, investing in cutting–edge weather station and soil moisture technology are just a few examples of the depth the family goes to  demonstrate its concern for people and the land.

The Reserve at Laetitia will extend this philosophy to new homes.  Every residence will be required to implement cutting-edge environmental practice relating to water and energy efficiency.

Planning Team

The Reserve at Laetitia will showcase the beauty and sensibilities of the Central Coast and provide an elegant gateway to the Arroyo Grande Valley.  The project team includes architects, planners, agriculturalists, traffic engineers, water specialists and others.