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In May 2010, health secretary Kathleen Sebelius added severe combined immunodeficiency , a genetic disorder leading to a compromised immune system, to her suggested panel of lab tests administered at birth. Puck herself found seven instances of SCID in otherwise-healthy infants this past year in plenty of time to cancel their vaccinations and give them a life-saving bone marrow transplant, validating the usage of these lab tests.‘They might create a fake transcript showing all of the classes you ever got, with class descriptions, credit hours, your everything and grades. They sent it to me within the package.’ And how about the letters from professors? ‘They also offered for a supplementary fee that they would write letters of recommendation from your professors, and you could make use of those letters to obtain job interviews, or whatever you wanted to use them for.’ And how would all of this hold up under scrutiny if somebody tried to confirm your academic history? ‘They sent me a letter that explained how to use all of this to deceive companies.