Shlomo Shinnar.

The short-term effectiveness of ethosuximide and valproic acid observed in this double-blind, randomized trial was similar to that observed previously in open-label trials.30,31 However, smaller sized open-label studies show much higher efficacy rates for lamotrigine compared to the rates observed in our research, despite similarities in dose ranges, maximal daily dosages, drug exposures, and efficacy end factors.32-35 Lamotrigine’s relative lack of efficacy against absence seizures was first detected at 16 and 20 weeks, as evidenced by the disproportionately higher amount of subjects who discontinued treatment at those times .While taking the scholarly study drug, 23 individuals in the aspirin group had a recurrence, as compared with 39 individuals in the placebo group . Exploratory, post hoc subgroup analyses revealed that 11 of 83 individuals in the aspirin group who entered the study because of pulmonary embolism got a recurrent event, in comparison with 16 of 67 individuals in the placebo group . Among the individuals who entered the scholarly study due to deep-vein thrombosis, 17 of 122 in the aspirin group and 27 of 130 in the placebo group got a recurrent event .