The acquisition was announced on Aug.

Accenture acquires Octagon Study Solutions Accenture has completed its acquisition of Octagon Research Solutions, Inc., a service provider of scientific and regulatory information management solutions and software for the pharmaceutical market based in Wayne, Pa. The acquisition was announced on Aug. 2. The acquisition enhances Accenture’s existing clinical solutions capabilities – including clinical data management, clinical development and protection case processing, amongst others – and adds regulatory submission services, thereby extending Accenture’s business process outsourcing capabilities for the pharmaceutical market.All analyses had been conducted by using SAS software, version 9.3 . Results We identified 255 patients in Jeddah who had laboratory-confirmed MERS-CoV infection. The median age group was 45 years . A complete of 174 patients were male, 78 were healthcare staff, 140 had been from Saudi Arabia, 93 had been admitted to an ICU, and 93 died . Figure 1Figure 1Laboratory-Confirmed Situations of MERS-CoV Infection. Displays an epidemic curve based on the date of starting point of disease in symptomatic sufferers and according to the time of the check for MERS-CoV infections in asymptomatic patients. Of the 255 sufferers, 64 were reported to be asymptomatic, of whom 41 were health care personnel . Of the 191 symptomatic individuals, 40 were health care personnel. Among the 151 symptomatic patients who were not health care personnel, the median age group was 54 years , 118 were men, 100 were from Saudi Arabia, and 89 died .