Today announced the settlement of a patent infringement lawsuit between your company and Medtronic

AGA Medical Holdings announces settlement of patent infringement lawsuit with Medtronic AGA Medical Holdings, Inc. today announced the settlement of a patent infringement lawsuit between your company and Medtronic, Inc. This dispute pertains to the January 2007 patent infringement action against the company, filed by Medtronic, Inc .S. Patent Nos. 5,190,546, 6,306,141 and 5,067,957, collectively known as the Jervis patents ). AGA Medical can make obligations to Medtronic in the total amount of $35 million. The settlement amount will end up being paid over four years with the final payment due in January 2014. This settlement covers all existing products, along with any new products developed and commercialized by AGA Medical, using nitinol for the complete term of the Jervis patents..

Levine, currently Professor of Associate and Medicine Dean of Academic Affairs at the Boston University College of Medicine, received her medical level from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and finished her residency in internal medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital. After teaching medicine at Yale for just two years, Dr. Levine was recruited to Boston University as a faculty member in the Division of Medicine Section of Geriatrics. Dr. Levine may be the champion of the prestigious Metcalf Glass, Boston University’s highest teaching award, along with the Division of Medicine’s Robert Dawson Evans Special Acknowledgement Teaching Award. Dr. Levine has served on many nationwide education committees and, through her commitment to mentoring, has backed and inspired trainees at all known levels, including numerous Geriatric Academic Career Award recipients.