Under the agreement.

Abbott to collaborate with Astellas in CMV vaccine trial Abbott has signed an contract to collaborate with Astellas Pharma Global Advancement in a Phase 3 clinical trial for ASP0113 , an investigational vaccine licensed from Vical Incorporated for preventing cytomegalovirus reactivation in transplant patients le levitra . Under the agreement, Abbott’s RealTime CMV assay, which is performed on the Abbott m2000 System and intended for investigational use only, will be used to monitor patients for CMV viral load in order to measure the vaccine’s efficacy. Viral load is usually a way of measuring the severity of a viral illness or the quantity of energetic virus in the blood.

AstraZeneca includes a long-standing commitment to cardiovascular health and has an established presence in the cholesterol marketplace. This agreement we can further strengthen our existence with doctors by including Trilipix as an offering to physicians for individuals with dyslipidemia,’ said Jim Helm, vice president, cardiovascular, AstraZeneca US. ‘With clinical data to support its use in assisting certain patients with mixed dyslipidemia to control all three crucial lipids, Trilipix is another important therapeutic choice we can offer physicians now.’ Trilipix is definitely a prescription medicine that’s utilized along with diet to lessen triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, and increase HDL cholesterol.